Let Us Introduce Ourselves

The dental practice team at Hodges and Hodges Comprehensive Dental Medicine is proud to provide you with expert consultation and treatment.

Dr. Justin Hodges DDS

A 2006 licensed graduate of Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry, Justin Hodges has been practicing at Hodges and Hodges Comprehensive Dental Medicine for the past six years. Dr. Hodges made it his primary goal to begin the road to becoming the best general dentist he could while at MCG. In many ways he reached his goal as he graduated #1 in his class of 68 students.  


Dr. Hodges now continues his journey as he perpetually expands his dental knowledge and therefore the procedures being offered to his patients.  Two of the most notable additions are, Dental Implants and Short Term Orthodontics (Six Month Smiles).


He is an active member of the Buncombe County Dental Society.  Dr. Hodges has also donated his time with the Leicester Community Center Tooth Bus, the ABCCM dental clinic, and a tooth sealant program through the local dental society.